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North East Community Forests was established as a regional charity, aiming to improve quality of life for North East people. It achieves this through ensuring that there are easily accessible woodlands and green spaces in and around our towns and cities, and through enabling local communities of all ages and abilities, to use and enjoy them to benefit their emotional, physical and mental health. NECF has been workking closely with landowners to create, transform and manage this countryside, so that the environmental benefits are long-term and will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

The main projects has been the region’s two Community Forests – The Tees Forest and Great North Forest. Independent research shows that during the first 15 years, NECF have exceeded ambitious targets to provide increased woodland cover, improved environments and opportunities for access, art and culture: whilst regenerating local economies; and encouraging community development and life-long learning. We just wish this project could expand even further.

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